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Star Out of Reach

1 Agustus 2022   16:37 Diperbarui: 1 Agustus 2022   16:42 106 3 0
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Puisi. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS/

To a star out of reach,

I would like to say that I love to see you shine from a distant sky.

Tho'I can't hold you in a palm of my hand,

it will never change the way I admire your for who you are.

For the time will always pass by,

all I could do is lay my head at the place where the Sun is the nearest star.

The sun might not shine like the way you do,

but the presence always keep me warm and light my day,

and help the moon to shine when its light is away.

- Haris Syechpudin

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