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The Price Of Rain

7 Maret 2024   21:24 Diperbarui: 7 Maret 2024   21:43 57
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Image: Painting by Joelle Kem Lika

in the quiet hush of twilight's reign
a tale is told of the price of rain
it falls in whispers upon the land
a precious gift from the heavens' hand

for each droplet that kisses the earth
there's a story of sorrow and rebirth
in the heart of a drought-ridden plain
the yearning for water, the silent pain

the farmer kneels upon barren ground
praying for mercy, a hopeful sound
his crops, once lush, now withered and dry
underneath a merciless, sunlit sky

but then, a promise in the distant cloud
a rumble of thunder, bold and proud
the sky weeps tears of liquid grace
as raindrops dance upon his face

each bead of water, a priceless gem
a lifeline to heal, a soothing balm
the earth awakens, thirst quenched at last
a symphony of life, from present to past

yet with this gift, a price is paid
for rain brings both fortune and crusade
it floods the rivers, tests the strong
reminding us where we belong

so heed the tale of the price of rain
a delicate balance, a cosmic chain
in its rhythm, we find our refrain
a reminder of nature's timeless reign

Solo, Thu, 7th March 2024. 9:19 pm
Suko Waspodo

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