"Nostalgia of The City Light"

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"Nostalgia of The City Light"

You won't believe in 17 years ago in the rice field

In the country where my Papa and I lived

At that time, we sat above the felled log

We played in the reeds covered with the fog

We breathed and breathed without any hush

Until my Mom cried out to rush

            At seven I lingered going to school

            The hatred, not to be a fool

            Soon, I wanted to go home

            Because Bekasi was awesome

The night felt so cloudy

Drizzle ran down the soil

The city light seemed hazy

Looked beautiful and cozy

            At dawn, the line of street lamps flickered

            The peacefulness was befriended by the herd

            The city light was part of my heart

            And it illuminated a thousand yards

You wont't believe in 17 years later in the rice field

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