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Raucous During The Dry Season

18 Juni 2019   11:17 Diperbarui: 18 Juni 2019   11:20 0 5 0 Mohon Tunggu...
Raucous During The Dry Season
ilustr: Vijay Kiyawat

the earth is getting more lost
the ground longed for rain
there are only thick dried weeds
overheated by the heat of the sun

no shade of jungle green anymore
we are greedy loot is cruel
ignore the balance of the universe
that we should protect

clear waters increasingly difficult we get
cruelly drained we are terrible
the springs have crisp loneliness choked
left with tears of sorrow

living things are only able to moan
feel the persistent pain
stepping on life stumbling
oppressed our vicious ferocious behavior

nature becomes increasingly miserable
the leaves turn dry fall
fresh water is just a dream
life is increasingly miserable
now we just regret it
in the midst of tormenting the hell of the world

our scream is getting raucous
when it has been damaged in the dry season

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'with love and peace'
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