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What is The Impact of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in My Live?

7 Agustus 2018   07:32 Diperbarui: 7 Agustus 2018   08:30 732 0 0

Since the "cloud" has been raised, the 4.0 climate started to be visible. I'd say that i-cloud from Apple is the first one that I discovered among any other "clouds", it was released in October 12, 2011.  After that, Google released Google Drive, that was apparently released 6 months after i-cloud, on April 24, 2012. I was still studying during that time, so I didn't really conceive about how amazing it is. I was still exchange or copy the data through a flash disk.

In 2011, if I wanted listen my favorite song, I had to download it and saved. Now, I subscribe Spotify. I could listen everything I want, play my favorite playlist in other devices, all I need to do just to sign in through my account. See? Everything is in the clouds now days. So does with the movies, I'm streaming in Iflix.

And how do about work?

Some years ago, people use Ms. Outlook, now they are using Office 365. For fashion industry, some company use OTS (is a software to input every information, which is we have to installed in the computer and so on) now they move to wfx, that we could access by smart phone.

And for me as fast fashion designer, how do i work is also changes. I can't draw very well by hand (just good enough), so I prefer to use Illustration Software; anyway, besides that, I always have to put the graphic and everything in the sketch, so digital sketching is a must). 

I work in fast fashion industry, everything move so fast, today blue flower is amazing, tomorrow it will be boring (it just a phrase I made by myself; the client like to change everything, anytime and want to finish it soon).

 But the problem is here: not every people installed Adobe Photoshop/Illustration. After get the comment from the client, I will pass the sketch and worksheet to the factory, (in my office, only RnD department who get the Adobe License, and no one in the factory have it) so I have to convert to pdf first if I'd like to send the file to the factory, but I have more than 20 files and I couldn't always convert it all the time.

Now I'm so delighted, Adobe introduces their Creative Cloud 2018! (I mean the guy from Adobe was literally introducing their feature that I never knew before). The function is same with other cloud, but people who doesn't install Adobe, still be able to see the file! Its kind of web-base view. 

They shared fascinating magic, with artificial intelligence, once your files uploaded to the cloud, Adobe could knew which one the tree images, which one is the cat, and blah-blah-blah, its easier to classify during you made the mood board. 

The cloud is amazing, it's integrated to all Adobe product, from Lightroom, Photo Shop, Stock, In Design, all you can access in every device you have.

That is how industrial revolution 4.0 alters the way I live and work. And yes internet connection is the key at the present time to access all the information.

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