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The Day I Realise

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Chapter 1: Wolf's Meeting

Living in a modern life is depletes your peace to pieces. Robbery, Rape, Burglary, and every other crimes are starting to make their wonders. Living in such condition will make a child have 2 options: To struggle for living a good life, or to join the dark army of criminals. Both have the same promises, "a happy ending", yet there's no such things as a precise and definite future.

A child, born in a modern family who lives a fake glamour life yet struggle to leave the delusion of reality, was raised poorly by making him always feels righteous. In school, the boy had some friends in Elementary, less in Junior High, and what do you know? Lesser in Senior High. Lonely life isn't it? Not so much. The boy made 2 new "friends" that accompanies him all the time. 

The first one he met when he was in Junior High. The boy's family got a tradition that every end of the year, the families will meet up to spend Christmas and New Year together. There was one night that the boy stayed in a villa, a big villa which looks like built by a Dutch designer. The boy slept together with 7 of his relatives in the living room. Getting the urge to tinkle, the boy got up and gone to a toilet. Having finished, still drowsy, he came back to the bed, but he started counting while pointing at the bulky bed sheets, 

"1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. There! No one's missing!"

The boy doesn't realize that he counted wrong, why? Because he hadn't include himself in the count, yet he counted 7, who was the extra one that he counted?

The boy was bored, he couldn't sleep again. He decided to take a stroll on a slightly tilted street and gone upwards. There, he founded an abandoned building, a big one, that looks like a factory. He heard a howl, a loud one, that looks like a wolf's howl! The boy was very eager to examine whether there is a real wolf. And so he started his adventure in the area. Venturing the side of the factory, the boy finally found what he was expecting for. It was a wolf, but a very huge one! A claw as big as the boy, eyes as big as a wrecking ball, a broken white fur and body as tall as a 3 story building. The wolf was shackled by the neck, struggling to take it off, the boy saw the monstrous wolf in awe. Amazed by the wolf, the boy doesn't realize that an elderly man approached him.

"Young one, aren't you scared by the wolf?" asks the man.

"No sir, I'm very impressed by the size of it! How can it be so big? What did he ate to be so big? How much does he weight? How tall is he? How-"

"Hahahaha, you're an interesting fella! Tell you what? Why don't you bring him home?" said the man.

The boy was eager to say Yes, yet he found it impossible to bring such a monster to his home.

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