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[Novel] The Mirror [Chapter 3 (2/3)]

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Cerpen. Sumber ilustrasi: Unsplash

Myungwoo stepped out of his bedroom. It's the second night and just like the first night, he couldn't sleep again. He blamed his sleep-in-the-morning habit. 

It can be tolerated if he has usual working hours but since the get-together rundown starts at 7 for tomorrow, he'll be in big trouble if he can't wake up on time. 

He is considering whether he should just go to the mirror world - since it's still just 12 AM - then have some training to make him tired then sleep easier. He walked closer to the shore while taking deep breaths.

"I said it's not because I don't want to see you oppa."

Myungwoo turns his head around, and there is someone who sits on the sand near the shore. A girl with long wavy hair sat there - Kang Sikyung.

"I said it's not true. Why are you keep picking up a fight with me?"

She raised her voice tone while messing her hair - but she doesn't look ugly with messed hair.

"Listen, I'm busy these days. I'll talk to you again after I come back to Seoul, okay?"

She cut off the call.

"What's happening with him these days?" she grumbled, "why is he getting this sensitive..."

Then Sikyung realized Myungwoo kept staring at her. 

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