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Cleaning my Bedroom

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On Friday, I cleaned my bedroom and the reason I clean my bedroom because a lot of dust scattered in my room and dust makes a lot of mosquitoes in my bedroom at night. and with a lot of mosquitoes in my room at night where disturbing my sleep at night but after cleaning my bedroom in the mosquito in my bedroom is reduced.

The most part I do not like when cleaning the bedroom where I have to clean under the bed and under the table because i have to lift the bed and under the table and smoothed back. but the most fun when my bedroom was clean and it makes me happy because when my bedroom has been clean and then to do anything feels good.

Before I am very lazy to clean the bedroom but when too much of mosquitoes in my bedroom and it makes me to clean up the bedroom. and the first step in cleaning up the bedroom is with sweeping the floor because there is a lot of dirt on the floor, in the second stage is carried out by mopping the floor to make a floor is cleaner and for the last stage is to change the bed sheets or bed linen and wiping the dirt that's on the table.

Actually there are still a lot of dirt in my bedroom where previously I did not cleaning because I cleaning the bedroom almost in the afternoon maybe I'll cleaning again my bedroom tomorrow and my plan tomorrow is i will tidy up the shirt and my pants and clean again where dust that still exists in my bedroom and the last activity is to wash windows draperies in my bedroom.

My desire is where my bedroom every day is always clean and there is no dirt on the floor and tables. basically i have to get used to clean my bedroom every day because when the bedroom is clean and then to do anything will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Usually to clean my bedroom it took fifteen minutes to thirty minutes and my self concentrate to clean up dirt in the floor, dirt on the back and under the cabinets and the dirt under the table. basically I want to make my bedroom look clean and feel nice or good for the take a rest in the afternoon and in the night.

After cleaning the bedroom where the latter was resting in the bedroom while drinking a glass of sweet iced tea or a glass of cold milk. when the bedroom is clean while watching television with drinking a glass of sweet iced tea or a glass of cold milk will feel comfortable and enjoyable. probably thinking about the next stage to make the bedroom is cleaner and adding new goods or items.

I hope my writing is useful for myself and people who read my writing.


Taufiq Rilhardin

I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.