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Accompanied by an Increasing number of Cured Cases of Covid-19!

27 September 2021   21:09 Diperbarui: 27 September 2021   21:17 47 0 0
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Accompanied by an Increasing number of Cured Cases of Covid-19!
Foto : Dok.Wiwin Kurniasih/Vaksinasi

Jakarta - Based on official data from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government today (27/09/2021) there has been an increase in 168 positive cases of Covid-19, with this the percentage of positive cases that have occurred so far this week is 0.9%.

In addition to positive cases, there was also an increase in recovered 127 cases with a cure rate of 98.2%, at least the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is very optimistic to increase the healing rate in the community. This has been the implementation of limited face-to-face learning (PTM) in 1,509 schools in the DKI Jakarta area.

The achievement of vaccination for ages 12-17 years at the first dose was 87.1% and the second dose 71.2%, with these data will help the education process is safe and comfortable following to the health protocols. It is hoped that parents and guardians of students will continue to enforce health security for their students.

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