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The Wicked First Lady

24 November 2023   06:38 Diperbarui: 24 November 2023   06:52 59
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Image: Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

in the realm of shadows, where darkness weaves its tale
there strides a figure, a wicked first lady unveiled
her eyes, like midnight, hold secrets untold
a mistress of intrigue, a story to unfold

in corridors of power, where whispers conspire
she dances with demons, fueled by desire
cloaked in silk and whispers, her presence profound
a ruler of hearts, in treachery renowned

her smile, a dagger, sharp and sly
a master of deception, with a venomous eye
behind closed doors, where power resides
the wicked first lady, in shadows abides

her words are honey, dripping with deceit
a symphony of lies, a cunning heartbeat
in the palace of mirrors, reflections distort
as she weaves her web, a sinister consort

but beware, oh world, of her beguiling grace
for in her embrace, lies a perilous chase
her throne built on the bones of those she betrayed
a wicked first lady, in darkness arrayed

yet, amidst the shadows, a glimmer of light
the truth shall prevail, dispelling the night
for even the wicked, in their cunning disguise
must face the reckoning, where justice belies

so, let the tale unfold, of this first lady unkind
a cautionary verse to the power-blind
in the echoes of history, her story will fade
a wicked first lady, in shadows betrayed

Solo, Fri, 24th November 2023. 6:32 am
Suko Waspodo

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