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Lonely Imagination of The Heart

9 Oktober 2019   22:14 Diperbarui: 9 Oktober 2019   22:23 0 3 1 Mohon Tunggu...
Lonely Imagination of The Heart
painting by Vikram Tuli Art Work

the night goddess is dimly lit
rubbing her face grimly
should I dispel the tense feeling
when you are enamored of wanting revenge

I stroked the starlight
singing such a sad song
I complained fret that increasingly stretched
hope you understand me wavering

will we really meet?
self aware obstructed different hope
desire to embrace your love
seemed to reach the direction without a marker

could you hold a lonely heart?
even though it's only a dream before morning
your doubts to chime I understand
and making love with you is just imagination

Solo, Wed, 9th October 2019. 9:47 pm
'with love and peace'
Suko Waspodo
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