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Waiting for My Dream

6 Mei 2019   22:23 Diperbarui: 6 Juni 2019   11:57 44 9 1 Mohon Tunggu...
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Waiting for My Dream
ilustr: Patty Levis

seconds of time passed felt more empty
since you were confined busy
but this longing is always there
even though you no longer often say hello

this longing has never changed
only you can erase it
in the confusion of despair
your meaning feels more beautiful fragrance

oh sweet hope lover heart
do you still miss me
like a beetle needs juice
my romance hopes to present true love

the season has changed over time
I am willing to wait for my long time
realize every choice must sacrifice
not always easy to achieve beautiful dreams

love really doesn't have to have
is it wrong if I want to make a dream come true
wading through the beauty of the rainbow hue of love
holding hands enjoying our togetherness

Solo, Mon, 6th May 2019. 10:03 pm
'with love and peace'
Suko Waspodo
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