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The Importance of Moral Education ti Adolescents

20 Februari 2020   05:23 Diperbarui: 20 Februari 2020   05:26 33 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Education is one of the keys to one's success. Without an Education we can imagine how the current order of life. Moreover, the era of globalization which is fast paced, all-round free and easy, all education must actually appear to be at the forefront to protect negative information. Education is an activity that must be obtained by every human being. Because with education, humans are saved, with education humans can break the chain of poverty, with education humans have expectations. 

Education must be at the forefront in saving and managing a better life. Without education, we can only imagine how humiliating human beings are, and how chaotic the order of human life is. Because the most important purpose of education is how to humanize humans. 

One of the education needed now is Islamic education. Why Islamic education? And what is Islamic Education? Actually questions like that don't need to be answered with theory. But more to the answer to actions or direct examples. Islamic education is a form of implementation of various kinds of knowledge obtained by humans in their relationships, communication, and from anywhere. Because true Islamic education is about mutual respect and respect, about honesty and about justice, more precisely moral education. Islamic education needs to be instilled from an early age. Since I was in the womb until the human died. Because education plays a role in every time humans do things.

Islamic education is very closely related to moral education. Talking about morality, of course talking about manners, talking about manners, about behavior, about how to get along in daily life both with himself, his environment, his family, his fellow friends and in the nation and state. Of course the moral role is always needed, because morality can be an assessment or quality of the human being. Moral education needs to be instilled since an early age. Because moral is very necessary for humans from the beginning, from the moment he wants to sleep until he wakes up. Because if humans do not use their morality in carrying out their lives, they will deviate from the rules of life and life.

See the current phenomenon. Millennial generation is very necessary for moral education. Because many millennials have not used good character in carrying out their daily interactions. Of course it will be very influential for these teenagers in the future. Because it should, moral cultivation is always done at any time by always giving a good example and always advising if you see a mistake or lack of moral accuracy for the teenager. Kids these days, so people see teenagers today. Maybe for adults, kids today are considered to be ignorant of various conditions in the era of the 1990s. In contrast to the conditions of the 2000s until now. Moreover, the existence of social media that can be accessed by teenagers, makes them mature before their time. What does it mean? Of course they should have done what they have not done now. Examples of girlfriends, drinking and free promiscuity are already very far from religious norms.

Teenagers are now more concerned with their own lives, without having to be sensitive to their social, without having to have a sense of sympathy and empathy. As long as they are happy and free, that is enough to describe their happiness. Lifestyle, fashion and style can be used as guidelines. When we (adults) hear the word adolescent, the connotation is stigmatized as being negative. Juvenile delinquency, promiscuity, chillies, drinking, getting pregnant out of wedlock, coming home late at night and so on. Stigma is built strong among parents with good and neat. The assumption if you hear the word teenagers of course the direction of the negative. Especially when now it is supported by something that is fast-paced, free and modern, which is more familiar with globalization. The era where technology becomes something very vital in the process of life, especially among adolescents.

Seeing the phenomenon of kids today like that it is important to instill moral education, of course, not only as a science but more than that. Namely as a provision of adolescents in continuing their generation to build the people and nation to success. How can this people and nation be successful, if their generation cannot be relied upon. Not the intelligence needed by the community, but good character is the determinant of how the teenager gets a good reward from the wider community, especially among his family.

Hopes Moral education from an early age to adolescents makes a strong fortress how adolescents in the current era become the hope of the nation's generation, the generation that can advance the lives of the people and nation, the golden generation, the generation who has the Qur'an and hadith, the generation that is rahmatan lil 'alamin.