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A Story of The Secret Garden

11 Juli 2022   23:50 Diperbarui: 11 Juli 2022   23:54 52 4 0
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Illustration by Ignata Vassileva | @marysia_cc

A bunch of flowers lives in the middle of a giant garden. That's a secret garden in this world, and just the devil or person who does all of the seven deadly sins can enter this place; pride, greed, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

There are seven flowers without a name that are representative of each of those sins. They are already looking for a long time as a treasure and miracle that everyone can hold. Without knowing the name and the place, everyone is always looking for that thing that knows as 'hope.'

I always see the person with two or three of those sins of baggage, but seven, it's the first time I saw it. They are not a human. They are a pair of blackbirds who can ever sing. They lost their voice, just like they lost their love.

A pair of blackbirds live in the middle of the garden. They come to learn how to sing again with those seven flowers. They want to bring back their voice to reach a little girl. She is just waiting for the day that death will come and asks her to dance until the truth dies, hugging her with warm blood and tears.

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