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Others Benefits of Betta Fish as Stress Relief

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Others Benefits of Betta Fish as Stress Relief
Betta Fish

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many activities were dismissed. The implementation of policies that are expected to help reduce the number of positive patients with COVID-19 is decreasing. Quarantine as an embodiment of this PSBB makes many people feel bored, this has led to many emerging technologies and even new hobbies.

Hobbies aren't always in the form of drawing, singing, dancing or anything else. Hobbies can also be in the form of a hobby to keep things, one of which is fish. Of the various kinds of fish that exist, ornamental fish is one of the groups that are targeted by many people during the pandemic. There are many businesses that have gone out of business during this pandemic, but fish is one big opportunity. The most popular ornamental fish is the Betta Fish, this can be seen from the official statement of the Indonesian Guppy Popularized Association (IGPA).

Betta Fish
Betta Fish

Besides being useful as decoration in the house, ornamental fish is also an important asset for the owner. Ornamental fish can be a stress reliever and can be used as friends. Without realizing it, we can talk to fish, it's just that they can't answer with words but with their movements in the water. National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University together with the University of Exeter (2015), states that looking at fish in an aquarium can reduce blood pressure and stabilize heart rhythm. In a study published in the journal "Environment & Behavior" states that the more fish in an aquarium that is able to catch someone's attention, the better it improves mood.

In addition, according to the IGPA, it states several other benefits, namely Mosquito Larva Eradication. This Betta Fish was originally a fish to eat larvae or malaria mosquito larvae, guppy fish are now becoming ornamental fish that are widely maintained and are becoming popular. The level of popularity of this fish is increasing, so that many are trying to clone. So that new types of Betta fish are born. This percentage provides many benefits for fish owners as a cash field and an overflow of stress.