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Kisah Untuk Ramadan

Skill Rebahan Pemicu Kreativitas

15 April 2021   15:03 Diperbarui: 15 April 2021   15:11 259 10 2 Mohon Tunggu...
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Skill Rebahan Pemicu Kreativitas
Laying down skills triggers creativity. Photo from

Humming on the bed and enjoying various snacks are powerful skills in the digital age.

The digital age provides opportunities for anyone to improve their skills. As a single person, I choose to add more laying skills to this Ramadan.

Laying down triggers creativity. Photo from
Laying down triggers creativity. Photo from

Starting from lying down, many ideas emerged and flowed. The results, work after work, I can produce in a day.

Within a day I don't just write for Kompasiana, but I also have to manage my personal blog, write books and on several other online media platforms. All works are born from an elegant lay.

If the views of people out there say lying down is a type of ultimate laziness. For me it is better if I lie down and produce something. Instead of theorizing a lot but not being able to come up with anything.

If I had power in this country, I would like to invite people to join in laying down. Laying down is not the kind of adjective that connotes lazy. But one of the techniques for capturing ideas.

Laying skill triggers creativity. Photo from
Laying skill triggers creativity. Photo from

Everyone in his way to be able to produce works. Some have to be serious in their work without being disturbed by other people. Some are alone. And I am in between.

Whether you work in the middle of a crowd, it doesn't matter. Even working on my own is not a problem for me. Because I'm used to lying down.

If you have ever read a book by Agatha Christie, a prolific criminal writer, there we will find pearls and perspectives in producing a very simple work, namely, she writes and captures ideas through her daily activities. Such as bathing, washing clothes, eating in restaurants and taking walks in the park.

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