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Customer Experience = Employee Experience

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Customer Experience = Employee Experience
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In the past few days I was discussing about how interlink between customer experience versus employee experience. How can it be? The logic is like this, how can you able to delivery customer experience if your employee not enthusiast enough to do so? What makes them enthusiast? they must be engaged otherwise your employee were not able to deliver value to customers.

Now we are talking about engagement. Do you think as employee, what will make them engage? And enthusiast? One point might be salary or benefit. But it will never end, because a human being was being created for not easily satisfied. Then what else? There are bunch of category you can explore. Simply when you do with your customer you must be known that customer are not created equal, neither do your employee.

A few things you can do to start:

Step #1 Map your situation by conducting employee engagement survey Step #2 Segment your employee and derived their needs Step #3 Identify your employee touch points in your organization Step #4 Create program / activities that fulfill to your employee needs Step #5 Measure it again with employee engagement survey

Sounds clear to you now? People who works in your organization will be more productive and strive to serve your customer if they are being treated fairly and the working environment help them to work well and deliver a performance. In the other side, if their working environment were not able to give them a support like helping hand each other as one team, then they will feel frustrated and starts to feel dis-engaged and turned into apathetic. Then the impact will be to your customers at the end.

In delivering customer experience, your human resource unit plays an important role in derive this. Not only responsible of marketing or sales who own the customer. So you have to ensure all line function works well and collaborative one to another, otherwise your existences are not relevant anymore when the customer has chosen to use other company product and services. And please bear in mind; your customer cannot wait for you.

Enjoy your last day of the week, friends. Business starts again tomorrow.

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