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Social Media Strategy and Optimization for Business Actors

29 November 2022   02:47 Diperbarui: 29 November 2022   03:01 77
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An interesting thing was found in the material of the 5th meeting conducted by 20 Communication Science students of 'Aisyiyah University Yogyakarta and 10 MSMEs of Yogyakarta at Rumah BUMN Yogyakarta (RuBY). With the same resource person, Bondan Satria, MSME players received material related to social media strategy and optimization. (21/10/2022)

The development of small businesses in Indonesia continues to grow due to increasing economic growth. One effective marketing strategy is to use social media.

Of the many social media platforms chosen, Instagram is a promising platform in the business world. Various features and ease of use can be used to develop your business through advertising. When promoting on Instagram, MSME players must have at least 2 accounts, namely the main account (for business) and pillar account (used to endorse products).

If MSME actors have a healthy food or food manufacturer business (healthy food with government standards), then the main Instagram account is given the name @Nancyhome, and the owner creates at least 3 pillar accounts such as, @herbaljogja, and @wisatajogja. The three pillar accounts and the content in them do not have to be related to what the business product is, as long as it contains a value pillar that contains three properties, namely content, style, and 3H.

Three Hs are intended in creating content: Hero (trying to create potentially viral content), Help (how-to tutorials), and Hub (consistent content). 

There are several things that can support the optimization of a promotion strategy. 

These things include:

1. Often post feeds at least once a day, be it interest, how-to, reviews, or testimonials.
2. Make reels using sound or follow videos that are going viral; it can be 2 or 4 pieces in a day.
3. Not using hashtags longer than 30. Don't use common hashtags.
4. Specify the posting hours according to the audience of followers.
5. The use of account usernames is also intended to be attractive and not monotonous.
6. Attractive account profile photo
7. Create a tagline for the product yourself and include it in the product bio. Product taglines are different from display names.
8. Interact with similar accounts by giving likes, comments, or saves.
9. Create captions for feed posts that grab the audience's attention.
10. Look at the engagement (likes, comments, shares, and saves) to evaluate our content.

Social media was chosen as an effective means of promotion because of its affordability. Currently, many business actors have begun to implement promotional strategies on social media because there is no need to spend a large budget. Thus, MSMEs need to implement social media optimization in this promotional strategy in order to compete and favor their product marketing.

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