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"The Effect of Endorsement on the Increase of Product Sales"

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In this era, technology is growing super fast and it gives various effect in many sectors including business sector. In business sector, technological development makes the seller more easy to introduce their products and services to customers. For the seller, they can increase their sales by using technology especially internet by promoting products and services online regardless of geographic location. 

One of promoting ways in marketing startegy is what the so-called endorsement. Endorsement is the act of saying that you approve of or support something or somenone (cambridge dictionary). However, to run the endorsement it needs an endorser or well known as celebrity endorser. Endorsement usually take advantage of celebrities or public figures in advertising products and services being offered, so it is called celebrity endorsement. 

Celebrity endorsement is an agreement between an individual who enjoys public recognition (a celebrity) and an entity (e.g., a brand) to use the celebrity for the purpose of promoting the entity (Lars and K.Q, 2016). Celebrities used in endorsements is known as celebrity endorser. Celebrity endorser is a person who advertises a product, a person well known for his/her achievements in areas which are different from the advertised product category (Ana Raluca, 2012).

 To become celebrity endorser, you should have a lot of followers on your social media, being attractive and truthworsthiness so the followers will be believe that the products and services are good and they will be influenced to buy the products and services. Thus, indirectly endorsement will affect sales volume. Thus, indirectly endorsement will affect sales volume.

To run an endorsement, an endorser has several ways to do it. The first is by posting a video about the product and the endorser will give the product's detail. The product can be goods or service. Second, the endorser will post a photo, it is a photo of the endorser when using the product or just the product's photo only. 

The third is the endorser will write or post testimonials from the endorser self or from other people that have been using that product and feel the positive impact when they use the product. The more often a product or service endorsed by endorsers, the public will know more about the product and the reputation of the product will increase in the community Things like this can increase the level of confidence of potential buyers when looking at products that have been endorsed by a celebrity. 

The celebrity endorsement's big name and their performance on their personal social media also give great effect to the buyer intentions. The public or potential buyers see products that the celebrity endorser offers are good and reliable products, no matter it is a new products or new brand, the public believe that a product that using celebrity endorsement is a good product so they will buy the product. They will repurchase the products when they feel its really good ,so it can increase the product sales as the effect of using endorsement.

Marketing through endorsement is more attractive to the public because at the moment people believe that products using endorsement services are good product. Compare with one of the old ways of marketing that using sales person to market products, endorsement more effective because it can reach all society. 

Using sales person, the seller have to pay the sales person every month and it can increase expense of the seller. Beside that, sales person can't reach all area. In additon, the cost of endorsement is still relatively affordable and the result will attract buyers.

 The trend of endorsement is very influental on the increasing sales, many products are marketed through endorsement. Starting from products and services with big name or products that are still new. Not only in increasing sales, endorsement also makes the product's brand widely known. Thus, the endorsement method is in great demand by seller to market their products and services because the impact of endorsement greatly influences the increase in sales.

Endorsement today is preferred by seller because it is cheaper and can reach all levels of society. Endorsement also make sellers easy to introduce their products to potential buyers using endorsers. The endorser will post video, photo, or testimonial about the product and they will post it to their social media. Endorsement itself has an effect for the seller, the effect is it can increase product sales, improve product reputation and increase buyer confidence. So, endorsement is a good way to increase product sales in this era.

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