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Where is Loneliness?

31 Desember 2016   16:40 Diperbarui: 31 Desember 2016   17:10 0 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Everybody have to socialize with others. But now we have social media. it could be make people did not really really socialize... Because they or we, just pretend to socialize. Actually we are very selfish. Like to pursue our wishes without compromising with others aim. 

We will feel loneliness when the world just diminishing. Nobody can help you, just some fiew friends. it is so lonely when you do not have much capability to socialize with more friends. You are just inside the little circle. So it is the illness when you have little circles. They told us about the trauma at the past. That is a sickness that must be healed by reconstruct the individuality. No body perfect, and we want to be healthy and safe to going through the world till the finish.

Loneliness is nothing if we have God. God will accompany people through the life. When people feel abandoned, it really mean that people make a distance with God. We need God, God no need us. God act as we want, if we believe in Him. Just do what the God order and we will be safe.