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College student at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.





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Isal is a teenage migrator. He comes from a low-income family. Isal's father passed away when he was 10 years old, due to an incident at work. He came from Lampung to Tangerang to help his brother work to pay for his mother's medical treatment. 

His mother has been suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) for the past year. Because his mother is no longer able to work and his brother is having difficulty earning an income to cover medical expenses. Isal forced to leave home and leave his mother. While living in Tangerang, Isal only intended to find medical expenses by working with his brother. But he learned a secret that his brother had that changed him forever.

The suburbs of Lampung, December 20, 2022. The sun is shining brightly, the birds are chirping, and a cool breeze is blowing casually, accompanying Isal as he walks home from school. Isal has bruises on his face and his school clothes are worn out. He is a brave and independent teenager. He always walks if he wants to go somewhere, even if it is a long distance. Because he only had one motorcycle and the motorcycle was a gift from Isal's brother Adjie.

The motorcycle is used by his mother to work from morning to night. As he was walking home from school, someone pushed Isal from behind. Isal fell down and looked surprised. Immediately, Isal stood up and turned around. It turned out that it was Samuel who pushed him. Samuel confronted Isal with two of his friends.

Samuel: "Woy Monkey, you're not done with me yet."

Samuel is a teenager who likes to bully and extort children at school, especially Isal. Because only Isal is not afraid of Samuel. When at school Isal confronted Samuel because he hit a younger sibling, Isal did not accept it and hit Samuel back. Therefore, Samuel and his friends confronted Isal on the street. Isal became angry and clenched his fists.

Isal: "Bastards, I'll knock the three of you out."

Without thinking, Isal immediately hit Samuel and Samuel's two friends immediately fought Isal. The three of them fought on the side of the road. The fight lasted for several minutes and the fight ended when one of the teachers saw the students fighting from afar. They immediately fled to a fairly crowded residential area. Isal ran as fast as he could and swore in the crowd. He checked around and it turned out that Isal had managed to escape from the teacher, but the bruises on Isal's face were getting bluer and his clothes were getting shabby.

Isal then stopped by a warung to buy some cold water to soothe his bruises. After that, he walked to the rented house where he lived. Arriving at the rented house, Isal heard a coughing sound from the front of the rented house and saw his mother who was already in the rented house. Isal called his mother Ama. His mother is a factory worker, Isal was confused why his mother had come home at noon, because her mother always came home from work at night. Isal immediately took the towel that was drying to cover his bruises. Then he saluted his mother and asked her while covering his bruises with the towel.

Isal: "Loh Ama is home already, how come it's so early? You usually go home late. And how come Ama's motorcycle isn't in front?"

The mother replied while holding back a cough.

Ama: "Yes sal, Ama only worked for a while. I left my motorcycle at the garage to get it serviced."

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