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Eating at A&W Kedoya

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A&W Indonesia is a fast-food restaurant chain with over 230 restaurants within the country. The franchise promotes it’s all American food lineup though consistent with Indonesian customs such as rice and being certified for halal. The A&W brand started as small restaurants in America in 1919 that sold the famous cold drink of root beer founded by Roy Allen and Frank Wright who joined their last names together to create the iconic logo we see today. Despite the drinks name it does not contain any alcoholic content. A&W root beer was exceptional at their time due to their frosty mugs; the mugs were refrigerated before served.

Present day not only do A&W sell their classic root beer, such is accompanied by cheeseburgers, chicken rice, curly fries and waffles topped with ice cream. Today’s special dish was part of A&W’s new menu of Asian Mixbowls containing either chicken, prawn or fish but before that we were presented with a very American and cheesy opening dish. 2 spicy chicken pieces to go with Cheese rice (yes, literally melted cheese over rice) toppled with a sunny up egg and a potato chowder soup. Jalapeno spiced nacho cheese fries to add to that.

There were other variants like swapping out the cheese egg rice with a cheesy chicken sandwich or a cheesy double burger. Honestly though, the burger seemed like the better choice for the same price (rp60.500) due to the fact that it was big enough to be its own meal, let alone be paired with 2 chicken pieces and a soup to be eaten in one sitting. It would’ve certainly been a demanding meal for the heart, packed with calories but tasty nonetheless.

The next dish was contrast from the usual fast-food appeal, a healthier option amidst everything else. Asian mixed bowls were steamed rice and vegetables; corn, peas and diced carrots with deep fried meat of choice and poured gravy to finish. Although the chicken strips, my choice for the meat, were deep fried there was barely any oily residue so the chicken texture was neat on the inside and crisp on the outside. Overall it was a cute meal at only (rp30.500). I recommend trying the fried prawn s it has the same price as chicken.

Food was good but finding A&W Kedoya proved to be a challenge. The place was a bit secluded, residing at an intersection of 2 small roads cowering behind a tall residential building and enclosed by the near highway on the other side. Locals around the area didn’t know of A&W Kedoya thus it took a while to find someone who did know. We were at the point of giving up and going home until a security guard informed us and as a result my mom and I arrived nearly an hour late. Minus finding the place everything was top quality, the service and the modern artistic building complemented the great food. A&W Kedoya would be a great place to eat with the family.