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Favorite Advertising (Chapter 13)

2 Desember 2020   11:29 Diperbarui: 2 Desember 2020   11:40 25 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Favorite Advertising (Chapter 13)

Nama  : Nathania Angela Hartono

NPM    : 200907194



I'm very interested in one of the most popular online transportation advertisements in Indonesia, namely Gojek. Gojek has been famous since around 2010. Gojek is a technology company in Indonesia that serves transportation and people can order food or shop from home through this application.

"Creativity means to world to advertising, and this can be confirmed by almost any professional out there." is one of the sentences in the English Book For FISIP Chapter 13 Advertising is the most important in making an advertisement. This sentence proves that creativity is really needed in making an advertisement. It is this creativity that can benefit both the people and companies that issue these advertisements.

In my opinion, the Gojek advertisement in 2020 is very interesting because Gojek Indonesia has issued a very creative advertisement in welcoming the month of Ramadhan 2020. The Gojek ads is designed using a comic concept and is also followed by storytelling. This Gojek Indonesia ads also inserts a warning to stay at home as long as there's nothing urgent outside the home and reminds us to continue to do social distancing during this pandemic.

This advertisement shows a positive image for the community and also for Gojek company. During this pandemic, Gojek continues to serve people who need transportation by paying attention to the driver's health condition so that people who want to use Gojek transportation services don't have to worry because the driver's health has been checked. 

The Indonesian Gojek advertisement also functions for the public and is a reminder for people watching this ads to continue to adhere to health protocols, such as wearing a mask when leaving the house, using hand sanitizers, and doing social distancing. This Gojek advertisement also reminds us to continue to do worship at home during this pandemic.