Please Come in To the Worst City

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Jakarta is already known as one of the world's jammed city. At least, there are four reasons that cause the traffic congestion in Jakarta. First, the road capacity is not enough yet. Second, the lack of number of convenient public transportation and it is not comparable with the high of number of public transport users. Third, the city unmanaged well also becomes the main reason why the congestion in Jakarta happened. Many shopping centers built also causes the congestion in the certain points. Here, shopping center that was built by entrepreneurs without considering the good city design. Fourth, the lack of awareness among vehicle users to be discipline in the way also becomes the main reasons.
Congestion in Jakarta is getting worse as the growth of new roads is disproportionate with the number of new vehicles that continues rising day by day. In Jakarta, the overall length of road only 7.650 km and the wide of roads only 40.1 km or approximately 0.26% of the area of ​​administration. Ironically, the growth of road length is only 0.01% per year while the mobility of Jakartans reach 21 million people per day. Supposedly, the length of streets in Jakarta must have a total length of 12 thousand kilometers.
Jakarta District Police (Polda Metro Jaya) also issued a vehicle registration certificate (BPKB) for new vehicles up to 1.130 units, consisting of 240 cars and 890 motorcycles per day. Of the total number of cars circulating in Indonesia, 29% of the whole of car are existing in the State Capital (Jakarta), while the motorcycle about 14%.
Based on report of Jakarta District Police, the total number of vehicles in Jakarta until in 2011 reached 13,347,802 units. This amount consists of passenger cars as much as 2.54 million units, a car or a load-truck as many as 581 thousand units, bus 363 thousand units, and 861,451 units of motorcycles. In 2012, Jakarta Police predicting growth of vehicle ownership around 10-12 per cent of the number of vehicles.
As you know, the presence of convenient public transport is also inadequate in Jakarta. Today the streets of Jakarta dominated by private vehicle users as much as 98 percent. Then, remaining of 2 percent is used by public vehicles carrying 66 percent of the total population of Jakarta.
Not only that, but also the traffic congestion in Jakarta is also triggered by the absence of well-organized city. Jakarta is inconsistent with the master plan of Jakarta. Necessarily, the areas used as shopping centers, office, industrial, and residential are consistent with the original master plan. In addition, road infrastructure is also managed unwell. In Jakarta, there are around 70 central point congestions on the highway that has recorded the Jakarta government to be resolved.
The indiscipline of road users also becomes the reason why the congestion never solved well in Jakarta. The motorists are using the road as they pleased. They are unable to obey over the road. In addition, the bad behavior of private vehicle user also occurs when they parked their vehicle at any place that increasingly narrow roads impassable smoothly.
Road users certainly cannot be blamed entirely. Besides them, congestion is also caused by the street vendors who use the roads as well as sidewalks and then they are selling their stuff in there. Consequently, their activities (sales transactions) also increase the congestion for road users.
Jakarta is a very scary city. You will never comfort to live here unless if you stay here to meet your need or jobs. I believe in workers in Jakarta if they had a choice to move to another city, of course later they will move to a more humane city. Unfortunately, the city in Indonesia is also relatively having the same condition. So, they cannot rely on that idea as solution to live comfortably and quietly.
Jakarta from year to year since 1998 is no longer goodanymore to live in. Since the fall down of the new order, that incident makes Jakarta is controlled by the worse-behavior-civilians who had always sought from the statement that they are living in an era of democracy so that they can do anything as pleased as what they like. On the one hand, reforms bring goodness, but on the other hand actually it is bringing a bad condition.
The bad effects of reforms can be felt on the social, political, and legal affair. While the good impact of reforms only on economic growth alone. Jakarta and Indonesia's economic growth in the graph is always rising. In fact, it is outpace other ASEAN countries. Unfortunately, the good economic growth is not followed by system and rule of law in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. As a result, Jakartans is experiencing the deterioration of the quality of life as well as the development.
The change of leadership in Jakarta actually did not bring a change as expected. The Leaders has been changed, but the good condition is never occurred. The Development goes, but the quality of it setbacks. The rich man is getting richer; the poor remain difficult to change their fate.
Let’s back to the issue of traffic congestion in Jakarta. The predictions and studies of related experts on traffic jam in Jakarta will be occurred in 2014, so it means that conditions will occur in the next two years later. As Jakartans, I cannot imagine how the feeling of Jakartans in 2014 is. In that year, when I leave my house, then I cannot do anything due to the traffic jams will be happened in front of my house and then, huff…, I just annoyed at myself alone. All people would do such things I guess.
Today, every morning in front of my office that situation is often happened. Do you know? In fact, that road is not the main road. This is only alternative road. I do wonder with this situation. Many expatriates living in Jakarta is also felt the same I think. But of course they are in a luxury car so they keep more relax than people on public transport.
You may need to come to Jakarta to experience this extraordinary condition. Perhaps this is not the case in developed countries today. But, that's a fact in my country. Jakarta.
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