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#WoC Presented "Surabaya City as Centre of Defense Heritage" in University of California Los Angeles

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This contains Abstract only, not full paper

This paper has proposed idea that Surabaya city as the
centre of Indonesian defence heritage tourism. To analyse the importance of Surabaya city for
Indonesian history, this paper is using the theory of Historiography by March Bloch and to
analyse the future of Surabaya city, this paper is using the theory of Defence Heritage and
This paper is aimed to give the new perspective on tourism aspect, that is defence heritage
aspect. As the colonized nation, Indonesia has several historical buildings as the proof of people's
struggling and has a potency to be developed as defence heritage destination or business sector in
tourism industry.
This paper is choosing Surabaya city because historical proof that Surabaya was the centre
of fortress of colonization and also its local government has a lot of concern of preserving old
buildings more intensive, than other government in other Indonesian provinces.

Keywords: Surabaya, tourism, defence heritage, historical building, people struggling