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Hold The Nations through All of The Words We Write

26 Juli 2020   09:47 Diperbarui: 27 Juli 2020   08:11 31 5 1 Mohon Tunggu...
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Hold The Nations through All of The Words We Write
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Some of us might never have thought that the pandemic that we feel now will last long enough. Indeed it's time for us to adapt to the conditions, and it's not enough for us to remain silent. We used to not to pay attention to cleanliness, now we begin to realize the importance of cleanliness, which at first we never thought too much about healthy food and set aside sufficient time to rest, now we begin to care to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods and also resting sufficient. With just stay at home, we can spend a lot of time with our family, even now almost everything is done together.

In the midst of a pandemic that hasn't ended, maybe some of us sometimes also feel bored. But when we spend more time at home, we actually have more free time to do things those are more meaningful. There is no one to blame when the pandemic hasn't yet been resolved, and indeed it's time to stop to blame each other because now the most important thing is how we increase awareness. Several attempts have been made by the government from the PSBB untill slowly implementing New Normal.

Talk about awareness, then we are talking about sensitivity to each other, because fighting Covid-19 isn't the task of one person, it's our duty. You don't have to go to the streets to bring order to people, but to fight Covid-19, it can be started by our self-awareness. So, as one of the people who likes to write, I educate the public through writing

It's because of its reach which isn't only felt by the surrounding people but also by the wider people, because anyone can access it. Besides, this pandemic really become a precious moment, because with enough free time, I can create and share knowledge with the hope that what I do can be useful for many people. As for the writings that I made then I published them through various platforms such as Kompasiana and Blogspot.

Covid-19 that the people feel aren't just about health, but also economic, cultural, educational, and others. From these questions also cause misunderstanding related to policies issued by the government. 

Therefore, with my educational background in the field of law, it will be very futile if I just stay without be able to give explanations to the people and educate the public. More than just giving explanations to the people, I also put it through writing so that, it can reach more people in the world.

My contribution maybe is not much, but I hope that among the 30 people who read my article, there are at least 1% or 5% of people who are then moved and come together to have awareness to take precautions regarding Covid-19 transmission starting from themselves and also the closest people as well as family. Then the people can at least be enlightened and have an understanding related to every policy issued by the Government.