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"Frozen 2" Movie Review

23 Maret 2020   07:08 Diperbarui: 23 Maret 2020   07:09 3 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

In 2019, one of the best thing that happened in the world was the Frozen 2 movie. Who doesn't know Frozen movie? Starting from kids to adults know this legendary movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Frozen 2 is the most awaited movie in the world. After Frozen 1 was released in 2013 and Disney released its sequel, Frozen 2 in 2019. Frozen is 3D animated-fantasy-musical movie from America directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Kristen Bell as veteran voice cast Anna and Indina Menzel as veteran voice cast Elsa. This film is one of the best-selling and most famous movie in the world, and also loved movie. This film is worth watching. Really epic!

This sequel, Frozen 2, has many surprises and interesting stories by the main cast, Elsa and Anna, sisters from the Arendelle Kingdom faced. It tells about the maturity of Elsa and Anna in dealing with intrinsic and extrinsic problems they face and there is also more new characters who increasingly enliven and make the story more interesting and complete. Elsa's acting as sister, friend and mother to Anna and also queen of Arendelle who are elegant and never give up is absolutely incredible. 

Anna's acting remains a cute and cheerful little sister who cares so much for her sister, also stubborn and brave really very impressive. Both's acting are very attached in the hearts of the audience. They both are a picture of true sisters who care, loyal and love for each other. Their sisterhood is inseparable. Also another interesting character is Olaf who is very funny and entertaining the audiences to laugh because of his behavior.

Frozen 2 has an interesting and make tense plot than the previous movie, more. The love story between Anna and Kristoff is a refresher in this film. Anna and Elsa's struggle to find the truth and save their kingdom, Arendelle is extraordinary. Limited time and circumstance that faced by Anna, Elsa and all the people of Arendelle make the story really tense and never boring. The most memorable and touching scene is when Elsa finally arrived at Athohallan, a place that turned to ice and a place where the truth will be revealed.

Amazing cinematography and editing make this movie not boring at all, make the audiences amazed and agape. For example when Elsa wakes up from her sleep at night when suddenly there is a voice from a distance and then appear snowflakes that flicker like stars around her in various shapes along Elsa singing a beautiful song in the dark of the night. Incredible! Five thumbs-up for this cinematography and editing. Very precise direction for each character, place and atmosphere is really detailed.

Aside from having truly epic cinematography and editing, the music and sound in this film is truly memorable and striking. Frozen is a musical film, so it's no wonder why there are so many songs sung by the characters as an expression of their feelings. Frozen 1 does have 'Let It Go' as an icon, but Frozen 2 also has a song that is no less interesting and fantastic, namely 'Into The Unknown' and 'Show Yourself' which is also sung by Elsa.

The writing style is very good and memorable. Lots of words that describe the feelings of characters: sad, happy, broken hearted, and also inspiring. One of is a sentence spoken by Elsa while in Athohallan, "There is not what magic does. It's just your fear. Feared is what can't be trusted. "

This film teaches that no matter how difficult your life and how scared you are, keep on struggling and trying to be brave. Physical may be far apart, but if it is true love, you will always feel connected to that person. Fear will frustrate and wreck you, but responsibility and love will make you able to face all the problems in this world, big or small.

Anyone who spends money to watch Frozen 2 will never regret because this movie is so fantastic without hesitation. Guarantee because this is such a great movie. I give 5 stars that shine brightly and recommended this movie to all of you, children and adults. So, watch it!