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A Chapter Named Bandungan

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The cold wind blew on my face, made me and my scout partner tighten our jackets. After checking in the 'Bandungan Asri' hotel, we went to our own rooms to take a rest, since the opening ceremony of the Regional Scout Conference was postponed for about an hour.

I took my time reading my favorite novel I brought when a bass voice greeted me.
"Good evening, sister. My name is Tommy, from the branch quarter of Demak. Nice to meet you" He shook my hand.
"Hello, I'm Rully. From Purworejo. Nice to meet you, too", I replied.

On the eighth day my blood pressure got dropped. I couldn't even raise my own head. My scout partner took over all my unfinished duties, since I was unable to think anymore.

In that health unit room, Tommy visited me regularly, and again showed his full attention to me. Conveniently, he took me meal, drink, and everything I needed that I couldn't reach myself from my bed. I was so thankful for all this. I felt protected in my sickness, while he didn't mind if he had to do such the things for me.

I was watering flowers in the garden when Ridho, my scout partner, came.
"Hi! You look very well," He smiled while waving a sheet of blue envelope to me.
"Yes, I do, " I replied, "That's because of you. You'd helped me at that time. Thank you so much, Ridho."
"That's not a matter in fact, as you're my best scout partner. But, this....."
He fell down the blue envelope on the table.......
" for you."
"For me...?" I echoed.
"Yes. Guess who? That's the gentleman you met in Bandungan, kept you in the sickroom, and, that's the craziest thing, wanted to move you to his house when you're sick at that time....."

I tore the blue enveloped letter and read.
'Dear, Rully....
If you read this letter I hope you're in your best condition. I'm sorry I couldn't escort you to the hospital for I had to go back to my hometown with my scout partner at that time. I'm sure that you still remember me, as well as I always remember you. I am waiting for the time I can come to you in the future. Please, keep waiting for me. I'll come to you, and give you a happy life.
With all happiness,
But he never came...

"Good morning, Class.....," I just began to teach my vocational students when someone knocked the class door. The old staff administration nodded, "A phone for you, Miss. In five minutes."
"Thank you, Sir. I'll be downstairs," I replied. The old man went back to his room.

One day, ... one fine day, a letter came to me.
'Dear, Rully...
May be you'll be surprised if I tell you the truth, as you have had the special moment with someone.
Don't you know that Tommy is a father of a two-year-old boy? That he is my husband, too?....'
I didn't want to continue my reading. It was too hurtful. That he never told me that he had got married with someone else and that that what he had done is a forbidden relationship.

Feeling so foolish, I took my pen and intended to answer the letter at once.
'Lizzie, here is I am. You may say whatever you want to say. You may undermine me such a thing like yours. But the most important fact is that Tommy never tells me about anyone else in his life, that he has had a lovely wife waiting for him at home, that he has had a little boy in his life. Never, never, and never! So, I never know that I had had that kind of companionship.
So, because of this incident, I must say words to you to remember that it is forbidden to me for bothering anyone else's husband, even boyfriend.
Solve your internal family problem yourselves, ask him to be a good husband for you, to be a good father for your son, and to be a good person for others.
I don't need giving my suggestion except to say that this important lesson for us is not to believe a man easily. That's all.'

I sent the letter at the nearest post office. I didn't want to know what happened, then....

A chapter named Bandungan finished, another chapter began....