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Final Result in The Last Week With MSME Mbokemplok

29 November 2022   21:47 Diperbarui: 29 November 2022   22:11 57
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Ilmu Sosbud dan Agama. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS

Almost a full month of Communication Science students of 'Aisyiyah University Yogyakarta carried out fieldwork activities in applying digital marketing materials delivered at a workshop session with Bondan Satria. 

During that time, students who were divided into several groups got new experiences that might be a little challenging because the role of students is directly needed for the success of an MSME. Of course, it is a new thing for students who have never studied business.

MSMEs Mbokemplok, which is one of our objects, Arizah Hasna' Araf, and Alfichoirofi Nisak are gradually helped in the promotion process. The two of them work together and learn from each other, including how to understand the difficulty of the task at hand.

On November 30, 2022, we will have reached the end of this program activity. Some progress has been well implemented by both. However, for this final progress and its continuation, it still has not found a bright spot. We are still both discussing and dealing, slowly but surely.

As of Tuesday (29/11), I have contacted the mother of an MSME partner to ask for her signature regarding the fulfillment of the report on this activity program. Hopefully, with this full month, we can have more influence on increasing the promotion level of Mbokemplok MSMEs.

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