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Petral Scandal: Mafia on The Oil Tender

14 Mei 2016   17:11 Diperbarui: 14 Mei 2016   17:19 55 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Former member of the Oil and Gas Reform Committee Governance Radhy Fahmi said the oil mafia has an important role in the process of procurement of fuel oil. Fahmi called the third party that could be as a business entity or individual. They trader (seller) who helped in the tender process.

When Pertamina Energy Trading Ltd (Petral) accepts orders from Pertamina on the volume of fuel that must be imported, direct tendering process was held. The tender procedure has been done correctly, ie with an Oen and Online mechanism. Participants may only participate in the tender is a state-owned oil company or the National Oil Company (NOC).

However, in practice they only conceded. In reality it is non oil-producing countries that are not able to participate. During the bidding process, he continued, people in Petral providing information to the oil mafia Happenings requirements that must be met if it is to win. The oil mafia then forward that information to the bidders.

Armed with the information that it is not strange if any participant or NOC which is not an oil producer could win the tender. Companies such as BP (British Petroleum) could not selected, one of the non oil-producing Countries participating in the tender is Vietnam and Thailand. Third parties are also sometimes play a role as a supplier of oil to put on another country's flag.

Once the winner has been determined, a third party is then supply the oil needs. It is not strange if the price of oil sold and accepted by Pertamina is much more expensive. The tender system is no problem, but the damage is internal information of Petral. Mafia, according to a company based in Singapore.

Therefore, the Oil and Gas Governance Reform Committee recommended that the entire board of directors Petral replaced. Indications or allegations of involvement of internal Pertamina became one of the team's recommendations for further action. Because, Pertamina as the owner company has an important role in determining the position of directors in Petral.

But more importantly, The President Joko Widodo in order to seriously investigate the irregularities in the procurement of oil Petral. Why, now is the right time to dismantle the Oil mafia as the emergence of the audit results of the independent institutions.

Previously, the audit results Petral find any third party intervening in the process of procurement and sale of crude oil and fuel in the production of Pertamina Energy Services (PES). The third party, said Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said, is a business entity. As a result, the state could potentially lose up to Rp 250 trillion just in the period 2012-2014.