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Hello. Welcome to my blog. A little bit about me: I live in Indonesia. I have been working in education sectors (secondary and tertiary levels), management, training, as well as humanitarian works. I was particularly building my career as a counselor and a therapy practitioner, and also would like to pursue my specialisation in the field of Special Needs Education in the near future. I like reading, writing, volunteering works and learning new things. That's why I'm keen to consider myself as a lifelong learner.



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A Reflection on Lifelong Learning and Habits of a Successful Lifelong Learner

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A Reflection on Lifelong Learning and Habits of a Successful Lifelong Learner
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Since I discovered one of my strengths was learning, that has been the starting point why one of my goals in life was to become a lifelong learner. And if I look back to what I have done to achieve that goal, I am pretty sure that I am already in line with what the so-called 7 1/2 habits of a successful lifelong learner even though in pursuing those habits I sometimes face some challenges to embrace it all.

Let's take a look at those habits, which the original of the tutorial was created by Laurie Reed during her time at the Public Library of Charlotte in Mecklenburg County, as follows:

Habit 1: Begin with the end in mind. This is where to determine our goals in life and build plans to achieve them. I found this habit as one of the most challenging habit for me. For example, let's say the goals are to read 1 book every week and to write and publish one book in 6 months. To set a goal and then to achieve that goal in a measured time and quantity, I need to be persistent and do my best efforts to reach the goals, but also I keep in mind that I will always have the flexibility in working on those goals. What I mean by this will be related to habit 2.

Habit 2: Accept responsibility for your own learning. As I said earlier, I need to be persistent to do the goals that have been set, and at the same time I need flexibility in accomplishing it. So, when I succeeded to accomplish it, it would mean that I accepted the responsibility to my own learning. Whatever the results might be, I should value and take pride in my learning and accomplishment. 

This will then encourage me to read more books, take classes and training to enhance my knowledge and capability. For me, it really doesn't matter if the process takes more time than the normal process as long as I am happy with it and in the hope to mastery the learning at the end. The goals could be reset and refreshed over time.

Habit 3: View problems as challenges. In every bit/stage of our life, there will be some problems that have to be faced and resolved. Instead of ignoring or avoiding in tackling them, a lifelong learner should see it as a learning opportunity. To tell the truth, there were so many obstacles that I have been facing throughout my learning process. I am proud that I choose to stay strong and continue to embrace it as challenges to improve myself.

Habit 4: Have confidence in yourself as a competent and effective learner. What I have learnt and what I was learning so far, I try to believe in myself that this whole process is for the sake of my own good and that they will give me advantages at the end. With this way of thinking, I trust myself that I will succeed in whatever I pursue. 

How? It would not be as easy as a piece of cake though. However, by keeping the faith and with the help of positive affirmations I make, it will work by itself to the good end. The key is to trust myself. There is a wise saying, "Don't say it or think it unless you want it to be true".

Habit 5: Create your own learning tool box. There are some learning tool boxes that a lifelong learner should consider: books, technology, classes, mentors, friends and web pages. In the past time, I used to use books and classes as my primary learning tools. As the media communication and digital technology has improved significantly nowadays, I must consider various learning tools. 

There is no way around to avoid it as long as there will be some advantages we could gain from it. One of them, I believe, is to improve our life, personal life and professional life. For instance, learning from various mentors through web pages, get so many useful information and knowledge from it, as well as to add networks/friends using social media platforms on the internet.

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