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Winda Erlina Mohon Tunggu... May All Beings Be Happy

May all beings be happy




Random Thought

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Random Thought

Previously, I think that it's good if we can choose to do only the things that we like. We were all human that have a freewill. Some people choose to do the things that they really love.  But, we must be realistic that sometimes life is not not easy and full of unpredictable situation. We must be willing to do something that we don't like, or even hate. From there, we know that the things is worth it if we do it with all of sincerity. 

All of the things going to happen in our life never failed to give us a lesson. By doing something that we don't like, we will learn to do something new that we even never imagined. and the opportunity will always follow in our footsteps. 

                                                                                            "Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness "