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Technology on "Stand and Deliver" (1988) Film

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Technology on "Stand and Deliver" (1988) Film

Technology that develops very rapidly provides many changes in all aspects of life, one of them which is education. With the development of technology is very helpful in obtaining information and knowledge. Teachers can also find references to teaching methods that attract more student interest so that students are interested in learning. Education is important to make the next generation good and useful. Therefore, education must also keep up with the times, teach students about technology so that students keep up with the times.

The film titled Stand and Deliver (1988) tells the story of a teacher named James Escalante who works at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles. This story tells about how James Escalante's ability to teach and the challenges that James Escalante went through in dealing with his students. James Escalante is someone who loves to teach, motivate and lead. With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, Garfield High School wanted to provide teaching about computer science to its students, therefore James Escalante was recruited to teach computer science. In my opinion, what Garfield High School is doing is very good, because students certainly need knowledge of computer science because over time, computer science is very important.

However, as it turned out that there were no funds to buy a computer, James Escalante turned to teach mathematics. For James, it was an easy thing. The challenge faced by James Escalante is that students are less interested in learning and like to make trouble. Finally, he chose to help his students with learning innovations that were appropriate to his students' times, namely by giving McD treats as rewards and inviting them to play handball when they were tired of studying.

After seeing the many developments of the students, Garfield High School holds classes for examinations in Spanish, Calculus, History, European History, Biology, Physics, French, Government, and Computer Science to increase the knowledge and skills of the students so that they can become the future generation who are good and useful for the nation.

Those are some of the applications of technology in the film "Stand and Deliver", namely the application of computer science to students which is very important. Because in now development, students must understand computer science, students must know how to use computers so that they can compete with other countries, because in this current time, almost all work is done via computers, so it is very important to know how to use computers. There are also policies and strategies implemented, namely by attracting students' interests according to the times such as providing rewards and entertainment when bored.

In my opinion, the application of technology in education is very important. Students can get lesson information that has not been understood, students can get more and more varied information and knowledge. The application of technology also plays a very important role in a pandemic, through technology we can learn online through useful applications such as Zoom, Ms Teams, Google Meet and others. In addition, technology is very helpful today, it makes it easier for students to do assignments and much more.

That's all of what I can tell you about Technology on Stand and Deliver (1988) Films. I'm sorry if there's a mistake and I hope this article is useful for you. Thank you for reading this, have a nice day!