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Example Restaurant Menu

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Example Restaurant Menu

The following is the task of English food, how to make a restaurant concept and the menu, so this is just an example not a fact.

A. Restaurant Concept
The concept of the restaurant is themed about restaurants that are naturalist because they are on the edge of the road. The architecture of the restaurant building still has an elegant concept and is suitable for young people because there are also places to gather, eat and drink.

The concept of food makes people who come to this restaurant feel happier and enjoy good food, with the concept of a natural restaurant that makes guests comfortable. This type of restaurant is a cafe, its name is Terserah cafe, why is it Terserah? because the architecture is very natural.

B. Restaurant Menu 

The concept of food served at this restaurant is a variety of snacks and drinks of various flavors, the favorite menu at this restaurant is Cafe Latte and Fried rice. Here is the menu card.