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If I Were a Governor Facing a Pandemic

6 April 2020   12:34 Diperbarui: 6 April 2020   12:51 7 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

COVID -19 is a world pandemic and Indonesia's government is not close to finding a solution.

Indonesia's Government has been fighting the Corona Virus or COVID-19 since it was first confirmed on 28 March 2020 and since then they have been doing everything they can to help slow the spread. 

Indonesia's government has been trying lots of ways to help "flattening the curve" of coronavirus spread, like doing numerous of socialization about social or what is now called physical distancing, to wash our hands, to stay at home, banning religious grouping, handing out the surgical mask, even doing a rapid test. 

Yet these solutions aren't really effective, we can that Indonesia's government hasn't dealt the coronavirus well enough because it kept on growing and it still is. 

By the end of March, the number of patients positive to the coronavirus has reached more than 1500 confirmed cases and in 5 days the number of confirmed cases reached its peak to more than 2200 cases. But due to our province low economy reach compared to other countries, our government is not considering a lockdown. That is what I like to do differently.

If I were a Governor, I would do everything to decrease the growth and that will become my number one priority. Our governor is looking at South Korea and how they face the virus, by not doing lockdowns yet closing down places where people meet in groups (ex. malls) and making rules to do physical distancing, yet in weeks, Korea's number of positive patients keeps decreasing, unlike what we're dealing with. 

In my opinion, it's not efficient to apply in Indonesia yet is effective in Korea due to the different populations in Indonesia that's why it's harder to control all the people and stop the virus at once. Indonesia's government is bypassing the urge to lockdown Jakarta, but if I were a governor I will do the exact opposite. 

With the number of patients increasing in mainly Jakarta, we have to stop the virus to spread. In other provinces where they still have low numbers of patients infected with the virus, we should use that as an advantage, because Indonesia's province is distributed to islands, it is less likely to spread if we were to lockdown Jakarta. 

My opinion is supported by the fact that after all the steps are applied the number kept on growing, followed by the yearly tradition done by Muslims to go home to the suburbs to their parent's houses or usually known as Mudik

Mudik is usually done in groups, by workers in Jakarta that before did urbanization (the migration from the suburbs or countryside to main land or city) now will make it more accessible for the virus to increase because of the facility to migrate back to the countryside is usually done with a van or bus that carries around 20 people up to 50 people with small private space. In other words.

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