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RTV, The New Hope of Kids and "Adults"

17 April 2021   21:51 Diperbarui: 17 April 2021   22:44 92 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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RTV, The New Hope of Kids and "Adults"
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Television programs today are very different from television programs in the past. In the past, especially on Sunday morning, there were many television programs for kids. Such as Inazuma Eleven, Pokemon, Captain Tsubasa, Sailor Moon, Power Rangers and many more. The joy of the children on Sunday morning was saved at that time. But everything changed when high-tech gadgets began to spread among children and many television stations started changing their programs with other programs. nowadays there are not as many programs for children as in the past.

Currently, many television programs are aimed at adolescent to adult audiences such as sinetron, FTV and variety show. programs for children have been greatly reduced. Unfortunately, many children also watch these programs without parental guidance. As a result, many children imitated the scenes in sinetron and even followed the dating style in FTV. one of the reasons is that there are fewer programs for children.

In the midst of many television programs that are not suitable for children, new hope has emerged from RTV. Rajawali Televisi or RTV is a commercial television network in Indonesia, owned by Rajawali Corpora and founded on 1 November 2009. RTV is currently segmented as "family television" with many family friendly programs. Many of the programs on RTV are very suitable for children such as Adit Sopo Jarwo, Riko the Series, Sailor Moon Crystal Etc. RTV provides answers for parents who want television programs suitable for their children. Parents are no longer confused or replace their children's entertainment by providing gadgets.

A side from giving hope to children, RTV also gives hope to "adults" by presenting television programs that make them feel nostalgic. These programs are Ultraman series, Power Ranger, Kamen Rider etc. Adults who feel nostalgic are those who watched these programs in their childhood and are now lost in a long time. These programs are not only suitable for adults but also quite suitable for children. Children and adults can watch television together without having to change television channels.