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How to Become Google Certified Educator?

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How to Become Google Certified Educator?

Why do we need to be a Google Certified Educator?

  1. It's time to use the full power of Google tools in learning
  2. Get practical tips and tricks that make your life easier
  3. Get connected with Google Certified Educator
  4. Help other educators to use Google tools
  5. It's requirement to be Google Certified Innovator & Trainer

These are some useful tips of starting your journey to be a Google Certified Educator which I learned when I implemented Study Group at Sampoerna University. Watch my complete journey here! 

1. Study material from Google for Education Training Center

Start your personal learning journey in online Google for Education Training Center here:

If you are new to Google tools, I suggest you take Fundamental Training and if you're familiar with Google tools, you can take Advanced Training. For Fundamental Training, you need to complete 13 exciting chapters that will enrich your educational experiences

My tips: Read the material and complete all lesson check and unit review as it will provide great opportunity you to practice Google tools and prepare your exam. Also, some of the question in the unit reviews have similar format with the real exam.

This training can be taken anywhere, anytime, yet believe me, if you don't start now, you will miss a lot of important life skills that help your life easier. To make it more fun, we could discuss the training material together with your friends.

2. Experience Practical Use of Google Apps for Education

It won't be never enough if you just learn the theory without using Google tools in daily life. You must use the tools that are discussed in the chapters especially Google Classroom, Drive, Calendar, Chrome, and YouTube. Why? Since when you take the exam, you will need to complete 11 scenarios that ask you to practice using all Google tools.

3. Get Personalized Coaching in Study Group

If you have read all the material, practice Google tools, it's time for you to get new insight and experience from Google trainer or educators who will provide tips and tricks of passing the exam. Usually, the Google expert will only review and highlight important points from the training exam so make sure you have read the material and use Google tools. Also, prepare yourself with lots of questions!!

4. Complete Unit Review & Exam Practice

You can complete the unit review and exam practice from Google for Education Training Center independently. You can actually do it together with your study group yet you should do it independently to gain better understanding of all material.

5. Take Google Certified Educator Exam

Prepare 3 hours of your best time with reliable internet connection and laptop. Get ready to complete two types of sections (For Level 1) :
  1. 20 questions of concept checking which basically test your analysis skills of using Google Suites for Education.
  2. 11 scenarios which allow you to practice and showcase your skills in using Google Suites for Education.

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