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Mr. Home

29 Oktober 2022   19:13 Diperbarui: 29 Oktober 2022   19:39 76
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Puisi. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS/

What do you want from my gloomy smile, sir?
Life flows even though it's threatened to recede
Drowning in all the bad questions
Crying for this self full of flaws

You Arrange this dying heart
With your shrewd hands
Without being afraid to feel the pain of being scratched
You tidy up all the scattered shards

Likes to carve the moon for me
You found me when darkness surrounded me
Lit me up and lead me to the light that once left me
Turning charcoal into a rainbow

I used to not believe in love anymore
Refuse when they come to me
But you with all your kindness
I feel it again

You picked a rainbow for me
Putting warmth between us
Until the end don't let me go
To the way that is not you in the end

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