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Is There More Glory than Hatim at-Thai?

13 Januari 2021   05:30 Diperbarui: 13 Januari 2021   05:51 18 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

The person ask question to Hatim at-Thai and he says: Oh Hatim is there someone make you loser in glory?
Hatim answers: Yes, one young man make me loser from Thi tribe ( Community living in arabic island ), i have go to yard and he have ten of goat heads, afterwards he slaughters goat head, sort out  the meat. He gives to me then i receive. I say: Very delicious, yes Allah.
When i get out between in front me that young man slaughters goat heads and give me contents of got head without i know, when i want to get out for going, i get yard of house more blood the meaningful he slaughters goat with secret.
I say to him: Why you do it?
He answers: Subhanaallah, just hope to Allah Swt everything only belong to Allah Swt. If i stingy to you. Actually that is very bad for Arabic people.
Said oh Hatim: What is your reward?
Hatim says: Three hundred red of camel and five hundred goat head.
So it is said: The meaningful you are more glory from him.
Hatim says: No it is not, he more glory from me because he gives all of but i just give with little from more.
Maybe after read this we will be kind and give everything without thinking again. Aamiin..