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Pidato Bahasa Inggris (English Speech) "Millenial Menjaga Kesatuan Indonesia Lewat Dunia Maya"

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Assalamua'laikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

The honorable the grand juries

The honorable all of the committee and dearest all the audiences

First of all, let's thank our god Allah who has given us mercies and blessings so, we can attend in this agenda without any obstacles.

Secondly, Sholawat and Salam may always be given to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided us from the darkness to the lightness.

Ladies and gentleman,

I, Ngurah Rai, Passed away when fighting 300 Dutch troops in the event of Puputan Margadana, at the age of 29. Halim Perdanakusuma, a national hero who died during the Indonesia-Dutch war at the age of 25 years. Mohammad Natsir Raden Dewi Sartika, on 16 January 1904, succeeded in establishing a wife school in Bandung when she was still 20 years old. They were pre-independence youths who controlled the stage of the nation's struggle, which contributed greatly to liberating the nation from colonialism.

Nowadays, in the information era with sophisticated technology, the struggle of youth is no longer crushing Dutch colonialism, it is no longer taking independence. The threat of disintegration of the young generation today comes from the internal nation, whose form does not look real. The youth of the independence era will be busy with a truce, while today's youth or millennial generation are busy with social media. The young men, armed with sharp bamboo against the invaders, but now young men are busy with gadgets to achieve self-existence.

Moreover, in the post-truth era as we are experiencing. The number of people often fall asleep with the ease of accessing information in cyberspace both on the internet and various social media. They only seek and believe what is appropriate for their needs without knowing the real truth. Then, the number of parties use this condition as a chance to spread hoaxes and even radicalism propaganda in the form of writing, pictures, or videos. As a result, people with low literacy levels will be easily provoked by these contents.

So, how about us? The young generation, mostly known as millennials, the next generation, will become provocateurs in cyberspace? Participating in spreading quality content?

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