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Esai Bahasa Inggris tentang "Korupsi" (English Essay)

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The Example of English Essay About Corruption (unsplash/bill oxford)

"The corruption is able to hamper the economic development of the country so it must be avoided"


Corruption, collusion, and nepotism are actions that harm the country and must be avoided. It is really clear that corruption is able to hamper the economic development of the country, especially in developing countries. 

However, corruption has done committed more in Indonesia since the old era. Not only central but also region government officials did corruption. This rampant corruption is caused by some causes.

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 Firstly, the corruptors do not apply religion values well. All religions will command their followers to do good actions and prohibit them to do bad actions like corruption. Therefore, someone who strongly obeys religious rules will not be easily tempted to do despicable things like corruption which harms many people.

The next cause is the greedy character of our government officials. They do not commit corruption because of the urgent necessity, but it caused by their unsatisfied feeling for what is they had. 

Although they are rich and have a big salary, they always want to get more than it. This character makes desires to enrich themselves instantly.

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The last is the weak system of law enforcement in our country. Most of the laws in Indonesia are blunt on to the top but pointed into below. The punishment of the high-class people or noble people will be made easy, meanwhile, the low-class people will get the opposite. 

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