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Rudy Gunawan
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The Darkness Shall be Our Love

8 Desember 2020   19:33 Diperbarui: 8 Desember 2020   19:52 191 24 7 Mohon Tunggu...
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The Darkness Shall be Our Love
The Darkness Should be Our Love (sumber:

We learn from the past, yet facing this present reality

We grow to the future, it is undoubtable cycle that makes us a living being

We learn... Always learn... even to the dead end.

And even when everything is dark, the darkness shall be our love

So many ways to face reality, so many ways to hid future

Four wind directions will not stop the old gripping soul from finding the way home

And even when the night comes, the land that we taint, the water that we filth, the air that we waste... 

is our love


Rudy Gunawan, B.A., CPS

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