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Puisi | 31.03 The Last Day of Resurrection

30 Maret 2020   22:55 Diperbarui: 30 Maret 2020   23:23 102 8 3 Mohon Tunggu...
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Puisi | 31.03 The Last Day of Resurrection
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After a long journey, there is a short deviation.

After a short trip, there is a long recognition.

The trip is nowhere to be planned, it is just a step ahead in front of you.

Follow the food steps to the next shaking dust. Escort the breath to the next screaming wind. Lust the mind to the next worrying shadow.

Obey them out... Ignore them in...

Let them goes by its mother nature and  be possessed by the worst fate...

After all, The fate is no longer destined... it is created by our extinct faith.

Welcome the last day of resurrection, as our fate be vibrated through the highest dream. So is the new hope of the fourth gets its lowest trope of humanity.


Rudy Gunawan, B.A., CPS®

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