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Rawa Pening

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Once upon a time, in ancient times there lived a woman in a village called Desa Ngasem. At that time Endang greeting the woman was pregnant. But unfortunately he did not give birth to a baby but a dragon.

His son's dragon was just named Klinting. He can speak like an ordinary human. One day, the child asked about his father. The mother also told the truth and gave her a clint as proof that she was her father's child. He also hurried to meet his father who was imprisoned

He then showed the sleekness his mother had given him. But his father still wanted him to do something to convince him that the dragon was his father. Iadimita to circle the mountain. New Klinting also do it. The father now believes and recognizes him as a child. After that, the cliting will be asked to meditate.

However, one day there were residents who were looking for animals to be served food at a party, but they never found it. Finally they caught a new cliting who was imprisoned to be served as a meal.

New klinting aruwah transformed into a shabby child. He tried to come to the party to ask for food, but instead they threw him out. Then he met a kind grandmother. The grandmother amu gave him food.

He advised Grandma that when she heard the roar, the grandmother was asked to prepare a mortar. After that, he returned to the party. He was expelled again from the party venue. He then challenged the citizens to draw the sword that he had plugged.

Nobody can draw the sword. Finally he drew himself the sword and then came the water that inundated the village. All residents were drowned except for the grandmother who helped her. That is the origin of the swamp dizziness.