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Things You Need to Do to Persuade People

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To persuade people, you need to make them to like you first. "liking". This thing can be done by start a conversation or activity that the people like to do. For example, if the people that you want to persuade like to play billiard then you need to play with them and start conversation while playing billiard or start by discussing something about billiard. This was a good way to start a conversation, but don’t forget to show them your manner while conversation. After you start a conversation and make a good conversation with the people you want to persuade then show them that you have credibility, knowledge, and experts in things you want to persuade. With these things, you can make people believe and trust in you, and they will think that you have a high intention in the things you want to persuade. If the people believe in you, they will start to listen to your persuasive things and you can start to persuade them.

After you say what you want them to do, you need to tell them what the benefit if they do this things, what the unique of your persuasive things, and what will they lose if they do not this things. So this people will think twice whether they should do what you say or not. Then you need to tell more benefit they will get and start to ask them to do small commitment about your persuasive thing. For example if you want people to help you in publication, don’t start by asking them to invite other people in their group, but start by asking them to share the publication in their timeline. There's a research tell that the people who asked to do a smaller favor first than do a bigger favor increase four times than when asked to do the bigger favor directly.  After doing this small commitment, you also need to show them the example of your persuasive things and gradually ask them to do a bigger things you want to persuade. The last thing you need to do is give them your trust, because if you want to get a trust then give your trust to other people first. 

The key are ethos, pathos, logos. Logos, the knowladge you have as the basics. Pathos, the way you deliver it to other person. Ethos, the way you show it to other people.