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International Relations: Contemporary Issues in the South Chine Sea Case

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Ilmu Sosbud dan Agama. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS

Issues are problems that must be addressed and require solutions. An issue is a news that is not sure the truth and it is not clear where it came from. Issues refer to the existence of problems within an organization or a country that require solutions and solutions,

Contemporary issues are issues that were born as the latest form of a threat through security which has undergone many changes since the end of the cold war era. Contemporary issues developed and spread after the cold war ended in the 1990s.

Contemporary issues consist of:

1. Globalization

Globalization which has an understanding where the international community can express opinions or anything.

2. Regionalization

Regionalization is the division of government and power areas based on the level of security of a country, geography, politics and economy of a country.

3. Terrorism

Terrorism is an act of violence with the aim of spreading terror of fear into the international community.

4. Green Politics

Green politics means that a country must maintain a balanced state of nature and society.

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