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Fire and Life

6 Desember 2022   22:01 Diperbarui: 6 Desember 2022   22:00 132
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Wet streets with puddles around it, making it difficult for me to walk in this small city. I lifted the sack that was in my hand which contained used goods that I collected for sale, unfortunately because the weather was not supportive, I had to stop my search and choose to go home. Going through many obstacles just to go home is the most tiring thing, now I sit and look around imagining that if I were a rich woman and have a steady job. Maybe now I am not sitting in a wooden hut that is almost rickety and has a hole in the roof, work very hard just to eat a bite of rice, no guarantees and no help. Especially now that my mother is sick and needs medicine, I am so confused about where else to find money, just collecting used goods is not enough for my family and what about my little sister, I am just afraid that my family will eventually die of hunger. I need to find a way and get another extra job.

“Ani, how is today? Are you getting enough wages?” The voice interrupted my reverie and brought me back to my senses, then looked in the direction where the voice came from. My mother stood there in shabby clothes, looking at me expectantly. “Today I did not get anything, the rain was so heavy, and I did not have time to go to the exchange, they were closed at this time. I'm sorry mother." I said it in a tone full of disappointment and implied my mother's sad face which made me feel even more guilty now, “I should have done better” “I must not stop and shade just because of the rain" those words keep replaying in my mind, I feel like I want to beat myself up.

“Ani, it is okay. There is still tomorrow, even today rice and eggs are still available, you do not need to worry.”

“How about your medicine, mom? You need that”

“I told you, there is still tomorrow. It is okay my dear, I am fine as you see that I can already stand on my own." The smile on my mom's face wants to make me sure that she was okay, even though in my heart I still feel guilty, but I have to believe what my mother said.

And then came tomorrow, where I had to earn money. when I wanted to go my little sister waved her hand and smiled sweetly, making me excited. I walked around this small town to get and collect used goods. Until when I passed a big house, I met Balqis where she used to be the one who bullied me, I did not expect to meet her, I still remember how she poured hot broth on my body until I had to be taken to the medical room. If you think Balqis is penalized, you are wrong because I was the one who was expelled from school for hitting her back. this is all because of power and money, I am now dealing with her. Gosh I really want to throw this sack in her face, but I am sure I will be going to the jail. The social gap is so visible, isn't it? who have money, they can be in power and the poor? should be trampled on. This all annoyed me and added to the remarks from Balqis at this time.

“Ani, long time no see. I can see that you are getting poorer, aren't you? What a pity.”

Looking at me so disgusted while chuckling which makes my face harden, “Can you shut up? I do not need your opinion.” “Just get out of my way!”  Now her gaze turned cynical, after I said the second sentence.

“First, it is not opinion. It is fact about you and two, your way? Come on, Adriani. Do the poor like you have the right to rule like ours? Of course not!”

In an annoying tone, she pointed at me as if it was all my fault. If I could choose, I do not want to be poor either, but this is all destinies. I was born in a family with an economic disadvantage, but I am still grateful and thanks to my mother, she named me Adriani which means strong. “But I am still human, Balqis. Whether it's rich or poor, humans still have rights and please do not bother me anymore." I could see the look on her face harden, she chuckled in annoyance and went into the big house.

Then I continued my journey looking for used goods, after all this time I explored the place, I stopped at a shoe shop and noticed those beautiful shoes. I wish that one day I can get my hands on the beautiful shoes on display, suddenly the shop door opened making me look in that direction and I saw a well-dressed woman with a name tag, I could already guess that the woman was an employee of this shop and her gaze at me made me uncomfortable.

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