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10 Productive Habits You Must Know

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10 Productive Habits You Must Know

Everyone must dream of becoming a successful person, but not everyone wants to do the routine habits that are usually done by successful people. Some of them tend to only want results without knowing how the process is going. So that you are even more productive, especially during this pandemic, here are some tips for those of you who want to start good habits to be more productive.

1. Study Every Day
You also have to allocate your time to read books or learn other things at least 30 minutes a day. Apart from being able to broaden your horizons, by studying you can also improve your abilities and talents.

2. Exercise Routine
Exercising every day not only maintains health but also helps the mind to be more relaxed and calm. Especially during this pandemic we can't leave the house so our activities are limited. There's nothing wrong with exercising at home with minimal equipment, or you can also watch tutorials on YouTube.

3. Invest and save
Always set aside some of your income to invest and save. During this pandemic, it can be an advantage when you have savings.

4. Recording finances
Record each of your income and expenses so you can monitor your financial progress.

5. Limit social media play
Addiction to social media or social media can waste a lot of the time you spend in the real world.

6. Choose quality content
If you are playing social media, you should follow accounts that are useful for your life in the future. For example accounts about investing, accounts about scholarships, and some of them.

7. Train soft skills
In any profession, if you are consistent and continue to train the shift skills you have. People who have soft skills that most people don't have will always be sought after.

8. Courtesy and ethics
 if we have good manners and ethics then other people will also respect us more.

9. Self-evaluation
Take a moment every day to introspect yourself to be better than today for tomorrow.

10. sleep quality

Good quality sleep will make you feel refreshed the next day. Make sure you get enough sleep every day. 

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