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Love Lantern

14 Mei 2023   03:27 Diperbarui: 14 Mei 2023   11:11 159
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The song of love you sing
To your children and mooring your heart
Like a glimmer of a lantern
Penetrate the darkness and obscurity of the world

Sometimes you put yourself aside
For the shake of the child of future occupant
So as not to be blind deaf eyes ears
When looking at the realities of life

Oh, mom ...
The song of love that you present
Is the manifestation of all sacrifices
Your song of love never fails
Even though you have to be willing to suffer

In my eyes you are the great teacher
Of all who have ever taught me
About the meaning of life and living
Which can not be measured by anything

Oh, mom ...


Malang City, East Java, May on the fourteenth day, Two Thousand and Twenty Three  

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