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Puisi | We Don't Have a Say Goodbye

18 September 2019   12:35 Diperbarui: 18 September 2019   18:58 0 3 1 Mohon Tunggu...
Puisi | We Don't Have a Say Goodbye

Do we have yesterday, or tomorrow?

No, we have only a very short of this time

For a word or two
For a say hello
And for those lovely silences

We met by the time, a long time ago

When the moon was lower than the teak trees
And the river went faster to the sea

"Hi," I still hear your gentle voice, by the late of the night. A close to the early morning

And by the time, we will not have those very short and great times again

But we will always have a word or two, a say hello and those lovely silences

With no a say goodbye. Never

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